Samsung Conducts Pilot Testing For Medicine Tracking Transparency Solution

By Robin Wong | September 28, 2020

Samsung SDS will reportedly carry out numerous pilot projects in November, as testing initiatives for its blockchain-based medicine distribution management.

Specifically, said tests reportedly have a primary goal to make sure transparency is in place in the process of tracking pharmaceutical drugs.

The IT-focused division of Samsung Group has reportedly disclosed news of the pilot programs – dubbed “Disruptive innovation technology for tracking drug distribution history” – during the BioPharma Cold Chain Logistics session in Seoul, South Korea.

Samsung SDS executives reportedly claimed that a few participation applications for the pilots coming from anonymous companies across the pharmaceutical sector have been sent to them, and even from South Korea-based medical institutions. 

“Through the drug distribution history management service, it is possible to comply with regulations and innovate business by implementing product-specific history management, real-time distribution history tracking, and automatic reporting functions.” Lee Eun-young, senior researcher at Samsung SDS, reportedly claimed that the pilots will function within the course of 3-6 months. 

The IT-focused division of Samsung further revealed that the pilots would reportedly include an IoT-linked temperature history tracking solution, with its implementation will be finalized together with automatic history management for incoming and outgoing goods. 

The service has reportedly been selected to help greatly reduce “handwritten input,” verify returns, and collections with the support of a secure database.

If successful, the commercialization for said pilots will be conducted following passing domestic and foreign regulatory compliance in June 2021.

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