Samsung-supported firms established blockchain organization for MEASEA Region

By Daniel T. | April 29, 2020

Aergo and Blocko – blockchain firms currently receiving support from Samsung and Sequoia Capital – has reportedly a consortium for the Middle East, African, and South East Asian (MEASEA) territories. 

Specifically, the “Execution Intelligence Group (E24P)” was reportedly established with a primary goal to enhance the regional adoption rate, via promoting “smart” governance, tourism, supply chain, and finance, which utilize blockchain and AI features.

At the moment, the members of E24P include Aergo, Blocko, remittance firm Topos, the Al Nahyan family – one of 6 families that run Abu Dhabi – as well as “the leading UK and China-based research institute.”

The consortium looks to further the growth of practical applications of AI-integrated blockchain, in an attempt to bring upon increased economic opportunities generating better social outcomes, explore new business models, along with canceling out inefficiencies “for governments and large corporations.”

E24P’s tech solution of blockchain and AI is reportedly being considered gradually as the go-to measure for complex supply chain navigation. 

In early April, Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) – one of 50 Canada-based heavyweights – has reportedly teamed up with blockchain-powered supply chain middleware platform Morpheus.Network, to use AI-integrated DLT for supply chain tracking and data recording.

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