Sapien Collaborated With Matic to Release New Features For Ether-based Social Platform

By Jenny Aurora | March 17, 2020

Sapien – the Ether-powered social platform – has reportedly disclosed the upcoming support features for its network, along with a newly forged alliance with the initial exchange offering project – Matic Network. 

Specifically, Ankit Bhatia – co-founder and current head of the Sapien Network – has reportedly revealed that an update version of its platform – dubbed “Alpha Persei” – is cleared for official roll-out, following an extensive period of designing. 

Bhatia emphasized that Alpha Persei – “a revamped platform across the board” – comes with numerous supporting features, nominally Portis wallet integration and rewards engine reconstruction. KyberWidget-based placement has been finalized, enabling Sapien (SPN) tokens-Ethereum trading activities. 

Sapien further disclosed the partnership with Coinbase-supported Matic Network, a blockchain scalability firm successfully secured more than $5 million equivalent of investment after its ICO round in April last year. 

“We want to use their technology to build a scalable decentralized Web 3 social network, and their technology will help us do that. We’re using Matic sidechains — they’re a plasma-based proof-of-stake (PoS) chain — to basically power our charging and internal promotions on the platform. So, it will be used instead of the mainnet to send transactions, to send tips, to promote high quality posts and comments.” Bhatia reportedly remarked. 

Bhatia further revealed that Sapien’s social media network can be visualized as a blockchain-powered version of Reddit – with a few distinctive features functionalities and capabilities incorporated. The platform allows for incentivization and an enhanced level of users’ privacy. 

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