InXight Enters into Partnership with Global Blockchain Conference Blockshow

October 24, 2019

Scanetchain has recently announced that the company has entered into an official partnership with Blockshow earlier this month. The decentralized application ‘Inxight’ created by Scanetchain will be providing AR scan experiences throughout the entire Blockshow conference. 

Blockshow is a well-known annual global conference that focuses on diverse topics within the blockchain industry. The event powered by Cointelegraph will commence for a 2-day event (November 14-15, 2019) at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and will bring together blockchain experts and enthusiasts from all over the world along with 1,000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, 40+ exhibitors, and many startups. 

An example of the Inxight AR camera function

The InXight app, developed and powered by Scanetchain, is an augmented reality marketing DApp that can digitally recognize any object, brand, and image both offline and online, without any additional equipment. By just pointing the smartphone camera at objects and images, users can access relevant content through AR technology, efficiently connecting the online and offline world. 

Inxight AR rewards

The InXight app also has a reward and incentivization system, where all actions within the ecosystem are rewarded. Users will receive the SWC digital asset token rewards for the actions they do in the service and will therefore directly benefit from their use of the app. Creating and uploading AR content, scanning to search, or communication with other users are all rewardable actions. 

Inxight M.I.C.E Program

At Blockshow 2019, all the exhibitor booths will contain AR content that visitors can access through the Inxight DApp. Every single logo as well as conference passes, tickets, posters, brochures and much more from all exhibitors, partners, sponsors, and Blockshow itself can be scanned with the Inxight AR camera. 

Blockshow attendees can learn more about the participating companies when they scan logos and other materials with the Inxight AR camera. When AR makers are recognized by the Inxight dapp a video will appear and users will be directed to online links to learn more. Using AR and Inxight as a marketing and information sharing tool at the Blockshow event will help amplify the exhibitor’s brand message as well as attract more attendees to the booths with special AR experiences and token rewards.

For Blockshow, the Inxight DApp is a great tool to provide further information and content to their conference attendees. Blockshow attendees may access conference schedules, register for events, learn more about partners or get conference-related information through the service. All attendees that use the Inxight service during the conference will also earn rewards for their activities and actions. 


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