Securities and Exchange Commission Employed New Crypto Securities Expert

By Robin Wong | May 2, 2019
Securities and Exchange Commission Employed New Crypto Securities Expert

According to a vacancy in a job search engine, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was apparently looking for one more new expert in the field of cryptocurrency.

Specifically, the SEC – a US governmental body that focuses on resolving policy issues in the country regarding crypto regulations – is reported having a vacant position for “crypto specialist”, who would act as a consultant that “provides expertise and coordinates TM activities regarding crypto and digital asset securities”. SEC is willing to offer a salary of up to $239,000 for the role.

“Duties include coordination with Division staff to establish a comprehensive plan to address crypto and digital asset securities; engage with other Divisions and Offices on such matters; serve as the Division’s point of contact for domestic and international regulators, market participants, and the public; provide expert level comment on policy and workstreams.” The job description was listed out in the post.

In order to qualify for the post, the applicants must reportedly have either a Juris Doctor (J.D.) or a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree, along with being a “good standing” and active member of the Federal Bar Association. Extensive knowledge and past experience in the legal field regarding crypto laws is also required.

The job announcement showed SEC’s relentless effort in establishing proper regulations and ensuring compliance from individuals and organizations to the crypto security laws.

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