Seoul Medical Center Now Applies Blockchain for Smart Hospital Project

By Jenny Aurora | March 21, 2019
Seoul Medical Center Now Applies Blockchain for Smart Hospital Project

According to the Korean news Daily Medi on March 17th, Seoul Medical Center has planned to launch a blockchain technology platform in an attempt to improve the quality of medical services, such as ensure data accuracy and reduce processing timing.

The project, called “Smart Hospital Service”, was developed by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology and Information (Ministry of Information and Communication), with the support of Seoul Medical Center.

As stated in the announcement, this blockchain-powered project tends to provide an automated and personalized medical platform “by providing electronic prescription delivery, certificate issuance, and insurance claims through the blockchain-based system”. It is expected to boost health information management ability, make insurance claim process easier, and ensure health-related information protection.

Seoul Medical Center revealed that Smart Hospital project is planned to be launched in April this year. The project is one of the “2019 BlockChain Public Leadership Pilot Project” developed by the Korea Internet and Security, a part of the  South Korean Ministry of Information and Communication.

Blockchain adaptation is now widely promoted in many fields in South Korea. In February, the metropolitan government of the South Korean capital has announced its plan to invest 1.2 trillion won ($1.07 billion) by 2022 in blockchain and fintech startups.

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