Seoul’s Blockchain Five-Year Plan: Mayor Announced Citizen Cards Authentication System

By Jenny Aurora | May 21, 2019
Seoul’s Blockchain Five-Year Plan: Mayor Announced Citizen Cards Authentication System

The South Korean capital Seoul has recently introduced its upcoming blockchain implementation in its citizen cards.

During the “Korea Future Forum (KFF) 2019 & Blockchain Tech Show” event, the mayor of Seoul city Park Won-soon has pointed out some Seoul’s accomplishments in applying blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in the city.

In the event, the mayor emphasized the important role of blockchain in keeping valuable data. Having recognized this significant role, Park revealed that the city will use blockchain in collecting urban and administrative data and combine this technology with an innovative method such as AI to provide new services for better living. Some new mentioned services include Seoul’s citizen cards with the integrated authentication system.

The report also mentioned some samples of blockchain adoption which have already presented in the city. For instance, blockchain has been used for the development of a mobile voting system embossing and for building a transparent system in car sales.

By far, the mayor of Seoul has been making an effort to build a “smart city” using blockchain tech. Since last year, Park has made a five-year plan for blockchain implementation.   

As The Crypto Sight reported in February, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has officially announced its plan for the 1.2 trillion won investment (about $1.07 billion) by 2022 in blockchain and fintech startups.

The South Korean capital also uses blockchain in many fields to improve its facilities. In late March, Seoul Medical Center planned to launch a blockchain technology platform for the improvement of the quality of medical services, including ensuring data accuracy and reducing processing timing.

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