SFOX Teamed Up With B2C2 to Enable Its Clients Gain Access to OTC Crypto Markets

By Jenny Aurora | February 13, 2020

B2C2 – UK-headquartered crypto lending and liquidity services firm – has reportedly forged an alliance with SFOX – an institutional investors-focused crypto business from the US, to enable OTC market access for SFOX customers. 

Specifically, the collaboration will allow SFOX customers (asset managers, family offices and personnels with a high net worth) to enter the major liquidity pools built by B2C2, along with OTC markets that have a more attractive price, via an individual entry point. 

“We are delighted to partner with B2C2, the largest OTC liquidity provider whose streaming pricing and electronic trading capabilities are relied on by institutional market participants globally. SFOX clients will now benefit from a new source of OTC liquidity coupled with greater price discovery.” Danny Kim, Director in charge of growth at SFOX, remarked. 

“Our partnership enables a broader set of market participants to access B2C2’s real-time OTC pricing and deep two-way markets. Much like the FX markets which are almost entirely OTC, the digital asset class is increasingly trading off-exchange, resulting in tighter spreads and deeper liquidity.” Max Boonen, founder and head of B2C2, also shared regarding the development. 

This partnership marks the first time an OTC trading venue is included in the system of SFOX. People in charge from both firms hold a belief that the market shares for crypto OTC markets has increased significantly, from traditional exchanges, within the recent 3-year period. Aite Group1 research has forecasted that OTC activity would be the primary reason, accounting for a major part of crypto trading volume.

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