Shanghai Courts in China Utilize Blockchain for Recording Court Hearings

By Shannon Wilson | July 10, 2020
Shanghai Courts in China Utilize Blockchain for Recording Court Hearings

The courts across China are reportedly turning to blockchain to utilize its storage feature for a viable solution in keeping records of court hearings.

Specifically, the Shanghai courts are reportedly employing a blockchain-based tool for court hearing recording. The initiative is reportedly a phase within a court reform pilot project. 

The individuals who attended a recent court reform conference organized by the Shanghai high court reportedly provided observations of a blockchain-powered tool is used by the Minhang District People’s Court, for recording a dispute concerning equity transfer contract.

“The metadata table which records the file name, file size, file generation time and other information of the court record files and written materials is generated instantly […]The audio-visual conversion record, the metadata table confirmed by the parties’ signature and other materials were completely presented in the “electronic file” of the case.”

The Shanghai court record reform pilot project was reportedly initiated in March 2020. The blockchain tech has reportedly been rolled out across 260 courts, to assist with the reform in under three months. 

A total figure of 90 business courts and 493 judges have reportedly submitted application for the trial record reform, with 4261 have been finished.

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