SimpleFi Launches Open DeFi Analytics and Investment Platform

October 28, 2021

SimpleFi V1 tracks 50k+ DeFi markets, automatically calculates the combined returns from liquidity pools and yield farms, and makes it easy for protocol developers to integrate.

Lisbon, October 21, 2021 – SimpleFi, the decentralized finance analytics and portfolio management platform has shipped its first product. Today it unveils SimpleFi V1, a smart ROI dashboard that automatically calculates returns from “composed ”DeFi investments.

The launch marks a new milestone on SimpleFi’s journey to create the most intuitive and powerful DeFi investment platform. DeFi’s greatest strength is that protocols can build on top of each other like lego blocks. But this “composability” makes it hard for investors to calculate their returns, and for protocol developers to give proper analytics to their users.

“Even the most die hard DeFi investors find it difficult to figure out where they’re making money and where they’re losing it. Especially when they make multi-protocol investments like depositing funds in a liquidity pool, and then staking the LP tokens in a separate yield farm. We want to bring DeFi to the mainstream, and making it easy for users to track their ROI is an important part of that mission.” said Raphaël Mazet, co-founder of SimpleFi.

At launch, SimpleFi V1 already tracks more than 50,000 liquidity pools and farms from Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve, StakeDAO and mStable, with many more to come. Built on an open infrastructure using The Graph, SimpleFi allows any DeFi protocol to integrate and provide deep data insights to its users. One of the first to do so is Rari Capital.

“Rari Capital DAO is excited to be collaborating with SimpleFi to help our community and users keep track of their positions, transactions, and P&L. Together, we will build the platform and infrastructure to provide users with a set of powerful analytics tools for their activity. This will provide a foundation for enhanced risk analytics across the Rari Capital Ecosystem,” said Sharad, Infrastructure Coordinator at Rari Capital.

Over the coming months, SimpleFi will unveil many new integrations as well as multi-chain support. It will also launch the next batch of tools on the SimpleFi platform including an optimization engine that helps users increase their returns, and an execution layer that makes it simple to beam funds from any DeFi investment to any other with a single interface.

ABOUT SIMPLEFI (https://simplefi.finance)

SimpleFi is a next-generation analytics and portfolio management platform for decentralized finance. It helps users make better DeFi investments thanks to a suite of tools including automatic ROI calculations, yield optimization recommendations, and an investment portal that connects to the entire DeFi multiverse. SimpleFi is a recipient of grants from The Graph and Uniswap, and a winner of EthGlobal’s 2021 HackMoney hackathon.


Lisbeth Beluga

Email: media@simplefi.finance

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