Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit

By Emily Rys | June 30, 2020

Singapore is known for its diverse, vibrant and highly innovative blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain technology is now playing a pivotal role in changing the global digital landscape and this has resulted in an increased demand for blockchain with businesses.

Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit will focus on a rapidly developing phenomenon of blockchain-based finance as banks and other incumbent financial institutions are set to play a much more important role post-COVID-19. During the summit, participants will showcase real-world case studies and global applications of blockchain technology. There will also be extensive discussions on new Payment Acts that largely impact digital asset exchanges and cements Singapore’s status as a global blockchain hub.

Conference Themes

  • Regulatory trends & governance in  blockchain
  • Healthtech sector boost: latest apps and developments that help fight coronavirus outbreaks
  • Growing trend of decentralized finance
  • Tech giants investing in major enterprise blockchain protocols
  • Singapore ecosystem growth supporting blockchain hub
  • Global Trend for Adoption
  • Financial Applications, Tracing, Healthcare, Smart Cities
  • Tackling challenges of securities tokens issuance & distribution
  • DLT applications ensuring global financial inclusion
  • Protecting assets and data in the blockchain world

Sign up for free ticket at https://next.brella.io/join/YN1CJH

For more information, visit https://www.blockchainweek.com.sg/

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