SK Securities Partnered with Blockchain Startup to Design Real Estate Beneficiary Platform

By Shannon Wilson | September 6, 2019

SK Securities – a subsidiary company of the South Korea-based telecom giant SK Group – has reportedly collaborated with a blockchain firm in the region, to design a digital real estate beneficiary platform. 

Specifically, SK Securities has agreed on a business deal with Kasa Korea – a startup located in Seoul, with a primary goal to come up with a digital securities blockchain platform specifically to support the real estate market. 

SK Securities and Kasa Korea have partnered with one another to jointly design the new platform, tasked with distributing real estate beneficiary securities. 

Kasa Network’s digital property shares will grant investors the ability to conduct transactional activities, regarding pieces of real estate, via utilizing the real estate securitized beneficiaries, provided by real estate trusts establishments. 

An SK Securities representative revealed that, the firm would be able to offer high-value investment alternatives to its clients, via the partnership with Kasa – a company that been gradually gathering positive reputation, as a startup specialised in dealing with with emerging technologies.

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