Softbank Rolled Out Debit Cards Equipped With Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet

By Robin Wong | December 3, 2019

SoftBank – the holding firm based in Japan – has reportedly rolled out a new debit card, which comes equipped with a digital coins wallet. 

Revealed on December 1, SoftBank has officially introduced a new project – a debit card that comes with a fully functional blockchain wallet – as part of its new alliance with the US-based wallet card designing firm Dynamics. 

The new debit card – dubbed SBC Wallet Cards – offers the features of both a traditional debit card and blockchain wallet.

The built-in blockchain wallet can be utilized by clients for both hot and cold safekeeping of cryptocurrencies, as well as for checking balance-related information in real-time. 

At the moment, the new card can only be used in Japan, and SoftBank has plans to introduce the project to other different areas, nominally Southeast Asia, South Korea, the United States and Dubai in the future. 

Within the past few months, SoftBank has taken initiative to put extensive resources and efforts in numerous blockchain-related projects,  including a number of investments. In November this year, SoftBank, along with some big names in the industry, has taken part in a series B financing round of Opay – a fintech firm situated in Lagos, which raised $120 million.

In October, SoftBank, blockchain platform TBCASoft and IBM partnered to work on a jointly adopted cross-carrier telecommunications blockchain payment tool.

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