Solve.care Partners US Health IT Provider HMS to Leverage National Healthcare Capabilities

By Chris Torres | April 27, 2019

Blockchain start up Solve.Care has teamed up with a technology provider HMS Technology Inc. (HMS) to help improve its health information technologies (HIT) and reduce government healthcare costs.

This partnership will allow HMS to enhance customer experience including telehealth or telemedicine service; fraud, waste and abuse reduction in government programs; and client access via their existing government contracts.

Bill Kirkpatrick, CEO of HMS Technologies said “We intend to employ the world’s most established blockchain healthcare platform to enable disparate healthcare information technology (HIT) applications to share secured health data via patient authorized access using unsecured Internet connectivity, improving care coordination while enhancing digital healthcare profiles and streamlining access to virtual healthcare services.”

Pradeep Goel, Solve.care’s CEO & Founder stated that they “will support HMS to acquire large contracts and provide them access to our platform to launch population-specific Care Networks, such as for disabled veterans, elderly, the blind or disabled, the homeless, etc.”

Last month, Solve.Care has announced its partnership with San Francisco-based ridesharing app Lyft to improve access and control over non-emergency healthcare related transportation.

Earlier this month, The Bitfury Group, partnering with the medical data company Longenesis, has recently introduced a new production of blockchain-based healthcare management system.

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