Soramitsu Begins Testing Phase For ‘White Tiger’ Digital Currency in Japan

By Katelyn James | June 30, 2020

Japan-based blockchain firm Soramitsu reportedly disclosed details regarding its initiative to put the new retailers-focused ‘White Tiger’ cryptocurrency through testing phase at the University of Aizu.

Specifically, Soramitsu will reportedly initiate the testing phase of “White Tiger” – a crypto coin at the moment is deployed on the company’s native Hyperledger Iroha blockchain.

The cryptocurrency will reportedly undergo testing phase at numerous facilities at the University of Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture – 300 km towards the North heading away from Tokyo – and particularly at the school’s cafeterias and shops. 

The testing will reportedly be carried out beginning July 1st, afterwards will be rolled out at different places outside the university campus. 

The release of White Tiger is reportedly a step in a bigger project – a smart city campaign conducted by public authorities as well as private establishments, in the City of Aizu-Wakamatsu. 

All the outlets that join the campaign will reportedly eligible to become receiver for digital payments of 120,000 residents locally, via smartphone apps or charge cards.

Soramitsu – headquartered in Tokyo, Japan – is a contributing firm in the development of a central bank digital currency in Cambodia.

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