South Korea to Build Blockchain-based Management and Verification Tool for Autonomous Vehicles

By Tracy Hannes | May 10, 2020

The government of South Korea’s planned city Sejong has reportedly disclosed details of a new blockchain-powered tool for self-driving vehicles digital identities safekeeping and verification. 

Specifically, South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT, together with the internet tech supervising agency Korea Internet & Security Agency, will reportedly be in charge of the designing process of the new management and verification solution. 

As revealed by a representative of Sejong city, the platform reportedly will significantly bring up the credibility level of data, via strengthening the security of information shared by cars and their control tower.”

Despite autonomous vehicles is still a concept requiring development, Sejong – a testing location for smart city tools – has already initiated preparations for combating crimes associated with these techs. 

LG CNS – the tech-focused subsidiary of LG – along with a local autonomous shuttle maker – will reportedly be jointly working with Sejong city authorities, to build a blockchain-based encrypted identifier dubbed decentralized identifier (DID), which could eliminate the identities cloning crimes or self-driving vehicles hacking. 

The Korean authorities have displayed a high level of interest in blockchain tech and its implementations across sectors. In April this year, the authorities in South Korea have reportedly claimed that the blockchain market is going to bring a “golden opportunity” for the nation, and are urging private sector firms to take advantage of the situation. 

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