South Korean Authority to Roll Out Blockchain-based Voting Solution to The Housing Sector

By Emily Rys | September 18, 2020

The blockchain trend across South Korea has reportedly set foot in the housing industry, with a $1.27 million fund dedicated by the authorities to a blockchain-powered platform, focusing primarily on apartment residents. 

Specifically, the South Korean Ministry of Science (ICT) has reportedly entrusted a South Korean company – Ksign – to come up with a contact-free platform which enables residents to experience e-voting, parking space management, and different housing-based governance approaches.

The platform will reportedly also provide assistance with social distancing. The project’s creators additionally noted that they have expectations of it “to strengthen public health in the apartment spaces.”

Homeowners, residents, and management will reportedly be able to utilize the platform – which will further roll out features, nominally video conferencing and electronic payment solutions.

“We are developing a DID that can be applied to the token ecosystem by controlling personal information and verifying the identity by controlling personal information. The goal is to also create a token ecosystem that can be used in any store.” Keo Ja-in, vice president of Ksign, reportedly shared her remarks on the upcoming platform. 

The head of the Seocho regional authority has reportedly come up with a proposal for a resident-focused blockchain-based voting platform, as well as praised the recent increase of crypto-associated developments throughout the nation.

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