South Korean KT Corporation Partnered With China Mobile To Enhance Blockchain & 5G Roaming

By Katelyn James | December 6, 2019

KT Corporation – a heavyweight in telecom services from South Korea – has reportedly forged a new alliance with China Mobile, in an attempt to further the growth of blockchain and 5G roaming.

Reported by The Korea Herald on December 5, the new partnership will allow KT to introduce 5G roaming capabilities across the China soil in December this year. 

Simultaneously, KT is also investing resources in a blockchain system, with a primary goal to help the firm bring down the time and costs everytime computing roaming charges for mobile users. 

The new system – dubbed B.Link – comes with the ability to “self-analyze roaming data from the two carriers and can process roaming charges on a real-time basis.”

This initiative was announced half a year later, after the public revelation from KT of its self-developed blockchain network. KT Network Blockchain primarily targets roaming, as well as different other use cases, nominally user identification.

Prior to rolling out its blockchain network, KT has introduced a Blockchain-as-a-Service, or BaaS, that particularly looks to make technology more accessible to South Korea companies. 

South Korea and China have been increasingly investing extensive efforts in blockchain technology. Kakao Corporation – the major South Korean Internet multi-services provider – is confident that its Klaytn blockchain network is more superior in comparison with the controversial Libra project from Facebook.

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