South Korean NGO Develops Blockchain Platform to Help With Post-Crisis Health Pandemic

By Emily Rys | July 3, 2020

The Commons Foundation from South Korea has reportedly revealed details of an initiative to design a blockchain platform for tracking patient cases in the current global medical crisis.

Specifically, the South Korea-based NGO will reportedly utilize blockchain public services to establish a research network for health epidemics – an initiative fuelled by the ongoing medical crisis happening globally. 

Choi Yong-gwan, chairman of the Commons Foundation, further reportedly revealed his worries towards the existing violation of personal data, due to the urgent state caused by the pandemic, which has led to the decision for adopting a blockchain-powered tool to solve this problem. 

Choi also stated that the platform will reportedly offer assistance in reducing the negative effects of viruses on South Korea. 

The NGO reportedly provided its explanation, claiming that a public blockchain network – dubbed “MicroBitcoin” – has been selected – primarily for the solidity and security features it can offer, along with the sufficient robust status of the tech to not have to worry about hacker compromisation – by the Common Foundation to work on the system. 

The platform will reportedly finalize encryption of all personal information on a public blockchain network to “increase reliability and make data forgery impossible.”

“It is important to quickly overcome the pandemic, but it will become more important in the post-corona era to protect the individual’s freedom and human rights while wisely overcoming the pandemic.” The Commons Foundation’s chairman reportedly remarked.

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