South Korean Political Party to Use Blockchain Voting in Youth Committee Election

By Katelyn James | February 11, 2019
South Korean Political Party to Use Blockchain Voting in Youth Committee Election

The Liberty Korea Party (LKP) – the largest opposition party in South Korea – has recently formed a partnership with ioeX. In a press conference to announce the venture, LKP said the Internet of Things (IoT) startup based in Taiwan will harness blockchain technology to customize a voting system for LKP’s upcoming youth committee election in March.

Should things go according to plan, this will be South Korea’s first ever blockchain-based voting system to be used in political party elections.

ioeX’s voting platform will help capture all records of the election on the blockchain. Moreover, ioeX will include a petition function for easy collection of public opinion while also providing accurate information on the activities of election representatives in the party.

CEO and co-founder of ioeX Aryan Hung strongly believes this newly developed blockchain voting system will provide voters with the most hands-on experience:

“The voting system is the first step in our continued expansion of the ioeX distributed network and duo-chain system. Events such as candidate speeches and policy announcement[s] are perfectly suitable for temporary storage in the distributed network so that through content searching, users can find images and video that cannot be recorded on the blockchain and better understand the candidates’ past feats.”

LKP’s leaders bear an optimistic outlook towards the tamper-proof and traceability nature of blockchain to successfully facilitate election processes. Emergency Committee Chairman Byong Joon Kim said the party will continue to work with ioeX on future blockchain-based projects.

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