South Korean Telecom Giant Released Blockchain Tool For Storing Governmental Certificates

By Robin Wong | October 22, 2020

The telecom heavyweight from South Korea –  SK Telecom – has reportedly disclosed details of an issuance initiative for its first digital wallet, dedicated to blockchain-based digital certificate storage and management. 

Specifically, SK’s Wallet will be able to integrate with the digital certificate initiative greenlit by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security – set up to boost the use of electronic certificate issuance and distribution systems across the nation, during the global health crisis. 

SK Telecom’s digitalized public certificates reportedly consist of copies of resident registration cards, health insurance qualification certificates, immigration certificates, together with additional documents with hard copies that come with hand signatures. 

The issuance will now reportedly be finalized via a blockchain-supported mobile app. 

Certificates generated through the Government24 app are reportedly able to be transferred into the SK’s wallet, which can be then delivered to public establishments, financial entities as well as private firms, in the form of e-documents. 

During the initial phase, 13 kinds of certificates will come with compatibility with the wallet, but towards the end of 2020, SK Telecom has a goal to increase the number of compatible certificates to 100, including tax-related documents.

Oh Se-hyun, head of SK Telecom’s Blockchain & Certification Business Division, reportedly shared his remarks claiming blockchain to be an essential tech in a society experiencing rapid changes, because of the need for non-face-to-face solutions where we need innovation in the process of submitting and processing certificates centered on paper documents and manual work.”

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