Spanish Cider Firms Finalize Blockchain Integration to Combat Counterfeits

By Tracy Hannes | July 15, 2020
Spanish Cider Firms Finalize Blockchain Integration to Combat Counterfeits

Spain-based cider producing firm Sidra Menéndez S.L. and Llagar Castañón S.L are reportedly adopting the Telos blockchain as a tracking tool for the production of their beverages. 

Specifically, Luis Meijueiro – blockchain research director for CTIC Technology Center – reportedly revealed that cider is among the most preferred beverages throughout Spain, produced using designated apple varieties that are under the European Union’s PDO – Protected Designation of Origin. 

However, the local cider sector has reportedly encountered numerous issues with a few producers bring in apples from foreign sources to make imitation ciders. 

The Telos blockchain will reportedly be able to assist Spanish cider firms in capturing consumer confidence and global market share. 

“Tracking cider production is an excellent example of the many ways Telos can help solve challenges in supply chain management, agriculture, and consumer goods.” Douglas Horn, chief architect of the Telos Blockchain, reportedly remarked. 

Telos will reportedly record the traceability information of the premium cider, enabling origins tracing of every bottle, with the help of the SidraDOP app to perform scanning a QR code attached to the label.

Consumers will reportedly be able to access every bottle’s history, including which kinds of apples were used and when they were delivered. 

A link also reportedly offer access to the raw transaction data kept on the Telos blockchain registry.

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