Spanish Seafood Company Leveraging IBM Blockchain Tool For Supply Chain Tracking

By Tracy Hannes | June 10, 2021

A seafood company from Spain – Nueva Pescanova Group – reportedly disclosed its partnership with IBM, to use the DLT tool, Food Trust platform, for enhancing supply chain traceability.

Specifically, the collaboration is reportedly already ongoing, as Nueva Pescanova is applying blockchain features to the tracking process of Argentina-based shrimp fishing, as well as prawn cultivation in Ecuador.

Per the announcement, Ignacio González – Head of the Nueva Pescanova Group – reportedly revealed that the traceability platform will assist the company in satisfying the standards set by the UN’s Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (DGST). 

“We want to offer our consumers all over the world rigorous and detailed information on the traceability of our seafood products, from their origin until they reach their tables. Now is the time for businesses across the seafood sector to begin addressing the GDST standards.”

Nueva Pescanova Group reportedly operates as a top-tier multinational seafood entity, established in 1960, with the scope covering numerous processes of the seafood sector – cultivation, production, processing, and distribution. 

IBM’s Food Trust traceability platform was reportedly built as a blockchain tool dedicated to the food sphere, equipping participating entities with comprehensive visibility on product supply chain information, in a “near real-time” manner. 

The platform reportedly offers significant efficiency savings to producers, limiting fraud throughout the international market to the minimum, along with helping firms fulfilling safety and sustainability duties. 

Other big names throughout the food industry have become members of the IBM-built platform, including Nestlé, Dole, and olive oil heavyweight CHO.

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