STO Platform Finalized Registration With French Bank to Drive Security Tokens Growth

By Emily Rys | March 21, 2020

Blockpulse – the Security token offering (STO) platform – has reportedly received regulatory greenlight from the ACPR Bank of France.

Specifically, Blockpulse, together with its partnering firm Lemonway – major EU-based, investment platforms-focused digital payment provider – has finalized its registration with the ACPR Banque de France, as revealed by Blockpulse COO Marien Irzykiewicz.

The firm further believed it to be the first establishment to secure registration authorization from the French bank. 

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have gradually stepped down from the position of a means of fundraising, since their boom 3 years ago – a consequential result from the tightened grip displayed by the governmental entities. 

STOs, however, has not experienced that type of boom, and with a more regulated measure, it looks to put backed tokenized securities up for purchases. Blockpulse is a platform that specialises in working with this kind of assets. 

Blockpulse is a solution to raise funds, associate employees and manage investors. Blockpulse offers an all-in-one box of tools for companies to manage their fundraising: financial simulation, legal documentation, electronic signature, online payment, cap table and registry of share movements managed on the blockchain.

“The registration allows Blockpulse to manage euro payment for financial instruments, issuances, and transfers. We can now manage both cash and securities flows into the same blockchain and automatize several actions through smart contracts.” Irzykiewicz reportedly remarked. 

France-based token issuers is the only demographic that can use the platform at the moment, but investors from different geographical areas are free to take part in sales, pending regulatory restrictions.

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