Store Your Crypto Fund In 2019 with 5 Best Desktop Crypto Wallets

By Warren Hayes | February 3, 2019

Cryptocurrency is one of the most explosively growing concepts of the 4.0 industry, with a rapidly increasing number of user owning this type of digital cash. And perhaps the best place for safekeeping this type of sensitive asset are crypto wallets. Check out five most poplular desktop-based crypto wallets of 2019.


Jax, the multi-currency wallet created by the co-founder of Ethereum, is currently supporting 85 different cryptos. Jaxx is favored for its security features, with a Private key centralized validation process that helps user freely manage their assets. Like Exodus, Jaxx offers a currency-to-currency exchange feature in the application.


Exodus has widely known for its ability to provide users with full control over their private keys and the freedom to perform transactions and conversion with various types of cryptocurrencies.

The wallet also gained a reputation for its versatile compatibility with different computer operating system as well as for its user support team and services. Exodus stores the customers’ keys in offline hardware, completely sealed off against any potential online threats from hackers.


Though not come with any in-app currency conversion tool and only allow Bitcoin, Electrum made it in the list for another reason – its multiple signature support. While other crypto wallets can only store one Private key at the time, business owners on Electrum can use one account to handle many keys simultaneously. Electrum has other features such as wallet encryption, fee adjustments, and address tagging.


Though developed by Bitpay, Copay can support multiple keys management like Ethereum rather than just handling Bitpay funds. All the transactions made on Copay are only finalized when required signatures are present to ensure users’ security.


Armory has its own cold-storing place for crypto assets as well as a Bitcoin-focused complex system. Apart from transaction activities, Armory also helps users to distinguish private account from business ones.

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