Superchief Established First-ever Gallery Exclusively for NFT Art in New York

By Shannon Wilson | April 2, 2021

NFT Mainstream adoption is reportedly still full steam ahead, with the first-ever art gallery focused exclusively on NFT-backed art has reportedly been made available in New York. 

Specifically, Superchief – an artist collective in charge of running NY and LA-based galleries  – reportedly disclosed the availability of the new gallery, situated in the Union Square area. 

A particular partnership with Blackdove – a manufacturing entity of high-resolution digital art display screens – will reportedly enable the showcasing of NFTs at the gallery. 

The first exhibition – dubbed “Season One Starter Pack” – reportedly comes with a vast array of artists – more than 300. Every artist will carry out auctioning for a one-of-one NFT of their displayed project, together with a 72-print drop. Crypto, together with credit card payments, will be added to the list of viable payment measures. 

The exhibition is reportedly among numerous galleries and museums throughout the globe, with suspicious “first-ever” claims, anticipated to showcase NFT-based projects. The claims were suspicious since Cryptopunks has been on display across galleries dated back to 4 years ago, and pioneers like Kevin Abosch have been showcasing blockchain art a long time before the idea of NFTs was formed. 

Russia’s Hermitage museum will reportedly be organizing a NFT exhibition, with a goal to feature works from artists such as Abosch, and on Friday, a Beijing-based museum opened what it dubbed as the first “major” NFT exhibition.

At the same time, critic, collector and artist Kenny Schacter is reportedly putting in work to roll out a dual physical-and-virtual show hosted at German galerie Nagel Draxler on April 9, which will operate at the same time in the Metaverse at the Museum of Crypto Art and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

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