Swiss Post to Apply Blockchain Temperature Measurement for Shipments Package

By Mary T. | May 12, 2019
Swiss Post to Apply Blockchain Temperature Measurement for Shipments Package

Swiss state postal service Swiss Post and blockchain technology firm Modum are now partnering for the launch of a temperature monitoring solution inside shipping packages.

According to Swiss news site Die Post, designed with the name ThermoCare the service targets specifically at pharmaceutical products or food of which temperature need to be kept track. The whole transportation route will then be analyzed and recorded.

By using the Modum’s thermo-monitoring technology, the goods will be put in ThermoCare boxes, which is specially designed for shipments that need a specific temperature range. The temperature is then measured, recorded and can be accessed any time during the delivering process without having to unpack the package. By scanning the outside the shipment, the measurement data is read automatically by the postman to ensure the quality of the package when delivering to the receivers.

It is revealed that this collaboration between Swiss Post and Modum, a blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technology firm, will be a long-term partnership as the two companies tends to work together on further innovations.

Back in December 2018, Swiss Post and telecoms provider Swisscom announced its launch for the 100% Swiss blockchain infrastructure that can reserves all data within Switzerland.

As The Crypto Sight reported earlier in February, Russian shipping company Infotech Baltika and Iconic – a blockchain startup company from Moscow – have been working on a blockchain-based system called Edge.Port for the ports it serves in. The system is reportedly to be able to cut its port operation time from 4 hours down to a mere 25 minutes.

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