Visa, EBay, Stripe and Mastercard Walked Away From Libra

Visa, eBay, Stripe and Mastercard are new latest big names that have made a decision to walk out from Facebook’s Libra Association, and its associated project Libra.  Reported by Bloomberg on...
Daniel T. | Oct 13, 2019 10:19

KuCoin Now Allows Crypto Purchasing With Credit Cards

On March 27, digital asset transactions and exchange services KuCoin has officially released the option of purchasing crypto via Visa and MasterCard credit cards for their users, according to the...
Daniel T. | Mar 31, 2019 04:20

Binance Now Takes Credit Card Payments

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by (adjusted) trade volume, has released its latest enhancement which looks set to help it retain its market lead. By partnering Simplex, an Israel-based...
Katelyn James | Feb 11, 2019 03:59