Tech Firm Launches Decentralized App to Revolute Online Advertising

By Mary T. | March 5, 2019
Tech Firm Launches Decentralized App to Revolute Online Advertising

US-based IT firm Atayen is launching a decentralized application called Smart Advertisement Transaction Token (SaTT).

Using decentralized technology and smart contract, the platform is believed to be a “transparency revolution” in online advertising. The DApp counts user’s interactions with ads across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms by using plenty of external sources of data or “oracles” that connected to digital platforms.

SaTT requires advertisers to buy and sell advertising transactions in Atayen’s DApp. Once the advertiser and publisher agreed on the interaction goals, the DApp delivers the payment in SaTT to the publisher.

Gauthier Bros, Atayen’s co-founder, sees this blockchain-based app as a framework for calculating advertising transactions payments, which is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers.

“Defining a common rule of calculation and payment of advertising operations would bring transparency, security and a faster speed for payments to the advertising sector. It is about creating the constitution that governs an advertising transaction.” he said.

Atayen’s DApp is written in the Solidity language and enables partners to set a scope of conditions about the advertising payments, including the actual transaction closure, the clicks number, the views, and the total financial cost.

Founded in 2014 by Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement, advertising company Atayen specializes in the development of marketing applications that can help advertisers work efficiently on social media. To bolster its technology adoption, Atayen presented a wallet to manage SaTT, with an aim to make transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum or SaTT as easy as sending an email.

Last week, Sweden-based Tradedoubler, a digital marketing company launched a blockchain-backed digital advertising network for data storage, reported by The Crypto Sight on March 4.

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