Tech Firm Nebula Genomics Rolled out Blockchain-powered DNA Sequencing

By Warren Hayes | September 21, 2019

Tech firm Nebula Genomics is reportedly introducing a blockchain-based DNA sequencing, which eliminates the involvement of clients’ personal data.

Reported on September 19, Nebula has launch a tool for testing DNA anonymously, which will grant customers to monetarily acquire whole-genome sequencing, along with submitting their saliva samples for testing, with the absence of disclosing their personal information, nominally name, address or credit card number.

To reach this goal, Nebula turned to blockchain as the core tech for a tool, specifically designed to enhance transparency and control over data sharing, while at the same time gives user room to perform pseudo-anonymous payments via digital coins. For non-crypto customers, the firm suggested using a private prepaid credit card.

“Most importantly, enabling individuals to remain anonymous would eliminate the dependence on data de-identification by personal genomics companies prior to data sharing with researchers,”

Nebula added an option for private saliva sample gathering, via sending saliva collection kits to USPS PO boxes.

In June 2019, Nebula teamed up with EMD Serono – a US-based biopharmaceutical arm of Merck KGaA – the longest-running pharmaceutical company worldwide. The alliance gave way to Nebula network access for EMD, particularly to files containing data about anonymized genomic data, to help with the process of exploring and manufacturing new medication.

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