Tezos Finalized Wolfram Blockchain Labs Integration, Establishing Two-way blockchain Interface

By Katelyn James | March 7, 2021

Wolfram Blockchain Labs – the crypto-focused branch of computing engine provider Wolfram Alpha – has reportedly released facilitating features for Tezos, offering a two-way interface with the blockchain.

Specifically, the integration will reportedly offer supporting features for Tezos blockchain data available in the Wolfram Language, enabling engineers to secure analytical data from the blockchain.

The language reportedly focuses on advanced statistical queries, which runs analysis for smart contract activity, and the integration has a main goal of providing simplification to the deployment of Tezos-based smart contracts. 

Additionally, Wolfram Blockchain has reportedly also designed an oracle for Tezos, which would equip its smart contracts with data extracted from Wolfram Alpha. 

The data further covers the pricing of assets – among the main use cases for oracles currently. This would make Wolfram the third oracle provider on the network, following the footsteps of Chainlink and Harbinger, a Tezos-native solution.

Wolfram Blockchain reportedly teamed up with TQ Tezos, one of Tezos’ ecosystem development firms, to finalize the integration. The firm reportedly claimed that the formal verification for the oracle contract was conducted via the Mi-Cho-Coq framework, built by Nomadic Labs. 

Formal verification reportedly enables the creation of a mathematical proof, ensuring the appropriate operation of a particular program. Tezos is dedicated to simplifying this process, sharing the focus with Cardano, a different initiative supported by Wolfram Blockchain.

Recently, Tezos has reportedly carried out numerous initiatives focusing on attracting smart contract developers and decentralized finance initiatives.

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