The Number of Female Crypto Users Grew Fast In Q1 2020

By Jenny Aurora | May 3, 2020

Recently, CoinMarketCap has conducted a crypto users research, in which female crypto users has achieved a significant growth in first 3 months of 2020.

Specifically, the report collected numbers of crypto users in Europe and the Americas. The research indicates a growth of 43.24% among female users in Q1, after a growth of 15.5% in Q4 2019. 

Europe leads the growth rate among female users, achieving 58.55%. While the Americas came second with 50.59% in Q1 2020.

The age between 18 and 24 achieved the fastest growth of 65%. The report also noted the peak growth of 80% within some nations throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia. 

Greece leads throughout in Europe. Their growth landed at 163.67%, followed by Romania with 125.09%. Portugal and Ukraine came in third and fourth places with 89.95% and 86.68%, respectively.

In Latin America, highest growth can be seen in Argentina with over 98.23%. Colombia came second with 82.03%, followed by Venezuela with 80.23%.

Indonesia stands out in Asia with a growth of over 88.92%.

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