Chinese News Portal Sina Finance Starts Offering Crypto Index

By Shannon Wilson | July 6, 2019
Chinese news portal Sina Finance starts offering crypto index

China is usually quite unrestrained in being completely against cryptocurrency and everything related to it. However, it would appear that dissociating itself from the cryptocurrency buzz is easier said than done for the country.

Recent reports suggest that a popular news portal based in the country has started offering a cryptocurrency index.

The news portal, in question, is Sina Finance and its mobile app recently surprised users with the rather unexpected addition of a crypto index. One of the first to spot this new development was cnLedger and posted details and a screenshot of it via social media post.

“Sina Finance, one of China’s largest financial news providers, just added Bitcoin and Crypto-currency support to its app,” the post reads.

Among the details that are provided by the index, according to the screenshots, are the prices of the major cryptocurrencies listed along with their market performance. Crypto industry news details are also shared, which is not exactly something that the Chinese government has been keen on supporting.

In fact, China has made it a point to make thriving for the crypto industry in the country as difficult as possible, Cointelegraph reports. Trading is suppressed and initial coin offerings (ICO) are completely banned. Even crypto mining has become a target for government meddling, though, this particular aspect has yet to conclude.

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