TokenSoft Readies New Custody Wallet for Enterprises

By Tracy Hannes | February 4, 2019
TokenSoft Readies New Custody Wallet for Enterprises

TokenSoft has announced the beta launch of its new Knox Wallet – a mobile-first secure cold storage, self-custody system for enterprises managing digital securities and digital assets.

According to its press release (Jan 29), Knox combines institutional grade methods of storage for multiple assets with a mobile-first sensibility and a user-friendly interface. It is targeted at clients issuing asset-backed tokens on the blockchain like debt, equity, or real estate. Knox is also compatible to hold crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptocurrency exchanges can use it to administer issued securities that trade on their platform.

The new version of Knox is an attempt to improve usability while addressing greater security risks. Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft, shared that, “As real-world assets enter the blockchain world, it’s important to protect them with the same level of security we treat traditional digital assets. We see this of critical importance given that almost $1 billion of cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers in the first three quarters of 2018 alone.”

With Knox, users are offered three levels of security: offline cold storage, role-based access control, and cryptographic authentication. It also further bolsters TokenSoft’s security-first software support for digital assets by being an enterprise-grade tool for issuers managing securities and cryptocurrencies.

Knox is planned for a general release in the first quarter of 2019. A demo of its beta version is also available for the public to try out 

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