TRON is Heading to the Fully Decentralized Future

By Chris Torres | January 5, 2019
TRON is Heading to the Fully Decentralized Future

Later on Dec 26, we have seen TRON reached it massive milestone with 1 million users worldwide, and it does not plan to stop. On an interview with Inc. the media site for entrepreneurs and start-ups, TRON Founder Justin Sun has opened up about his next ambitious goals. This cryptocurrency is heading to the fully decentralized future

Integration of TRON and BitTorrent

We all remember the huge event last year when TRON purchased BitTorrent, a San Francisco-based peer-to-peer (p2p) venture for $140M. Sun made his speech in the interview:

“One of the reasons we purchased BitTorrent, besides the fact that it’s a great team, is that we’ll be able to test scalability like no one else, with 100 million monthly active users getting exposure next year to our blockchain. TRON and BitTorrent will continue to work on separate projects, while orbiting each other and collaborating on that goal of decentralizing the internet.”

One of these projects Sun mentioned is called Project Atlas, which will be published next year. Describing the new system, Sun states:

“That project will incentivize BitTorrent users to share more content through cryptocurrency usage.”

TRON is also launching its accelerator program, which aims to attract more developers to build their projects atop the TRON blockchain. Sun continues:

“We think we stand out with our accelerator program because it’s stable, more efficient and it has lower fees associated with it. The biggest issue really is educating developers globally – first on, ‘Why blockchain?’ and second on, ‘Why TRON?’ That’s why we recently launched the $1 million (USD) TRON Accelerator decentralized application [dApp] competition. By giving prizes totaling that $1 million, the developer community gets to execute their ideas or projects on TRON.”

Strengthen relationships with the Government

Sun also stated that all information should be fair and distributed. Blockchain was created to modernize the flow of information. However, since Blockchain was influenced by regulations and governments, it must be “nurtured” for a long period of time. Sun says:

“We are operating under the assumption that regulation will come to the industry in many places. In many ways, it will be necessary to legitimize the market and separate good practices from bad. We recently hired a chief compliance officer to make sure we’re always a good partner with our community and with governments.”

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