Ugandan Company Uses Blockchain To Certify Shipments of Coffee

By Robin Wong | January 31, 2019

An Ugandan coffee company, Carico Café Connoisseur has reportedly used blockchain technology to track the shipments of its product.

The technology provides the company with a shared record of data which increases the efficiency and transparency of its supply chain. Carico Café Connoisseur CEO Mwambu Wanendeya told the Reuters that one of its blockchain-certified shipment arrived in South Africa last month, although he did not explicitly give the size of the shipment.

The blockchain certification is also believed to increase farmers’ income, because customers tend to consume products having transparent origins. By scanning coffee products’ QR codes, consumer can trace the date and location of the beans – from collection at farms to warehousing, inspection by regulators and shipping.

“The idea is to give the consumer an appreciation of what happens on the journey and also to ensure that there’s more linkages with the farmer,” Wanendeya said. “Traceability is important because people are increasingly concerned that … farmers get rewarded for their work.”

Together with the Ugandan coffee enterprise, agriculture conglomerate Cargill Inc. is testing blockchain technology to improve their data-sharing in supply chain.

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