UK Air Traffic Tech Company Utilize Hedera Hashgraph For Drone Tracking

By Chris Torres | January 9, 2022

Neuron Innovations – an aviation tech firm from London, UK – has reportedly teamed up with Hedera to carry out trial phases for the safe sharing of long-distance airspace, via using commercial, military, and government drones.

Specifically, the multi-drone trial was reportedly organized in Port Montrose, Scotland, and Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, during the timeframe of April and October of last year. 

Hedera’s public ledger consensus service was reportedly utilized recently to “gather, store and order” millions of data points in a drone data trial, financially supported by the authority of the United Kingdom. 

Neuron reportedly completed the implementation of an “aviation surveillance as a service” network, aimed at supporting the seamless participation of drones in current air traffic. 

The aviation tech company then took advantage of Hedera Network’s Hedera Consensus Service to “gather, store and order” drone data.

“We have made unmanned, long-distance drone travel possible using safety-critical aviation infrastructure. Each flight creates millions of data points, which no other public ledger has been fast enough to log and correct order.” Head of Neuron – Niall Greenwood – additionally remarked regarding the development. 

The Neuron sensors reportedly kept records of data points related to the drones’ locations and direction, while the Hedera Consensus Service takes care of the logging and timestamping of the information, collected from each drone on its blockchain decentralized public ledger.

The experiment – receiving support from the U.K. Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy – was reportedly among a variety of drone-centric tests. 

The primary insights from the research were that the possibility of following unmanned aircraft after they had passed out of view is present. 

Hedera Hashgraph reportedly functions as a high-security, public distributed ledger technology system, dependent on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

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