Ukraine’s Blockchain Hub Academy Aims to Meet Demand for Developers

By Katelyn James | January 24, 2019

Investing in youths and aiming to meet industry shortfall in crypto-related blockchain developers in the country, Ukraine’s Blockchain Hub Academy (BHA) has started a professional course on foundations and solutions in crypto technology.

The 4-month course currently with 30 students was developed with the help of and participation from significant industry players like Distributed Lab, Pandora Boxchain, Kuna Exchange, Remme, Atticlab, and BlockSoftLab.

The course is divided into two parts, the “Satoshi Way” and “Post-Satoshi Era.” While the first part is dedicated to Bitcoin and its associated basic distributed ledger technology, the second focuses on developments and technologies that have appeared since then. Students will learn how to create crypto wallets, smart contracts, and work with different protocols.

BHA is the result of collaboration between the Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU), the Ukrainian National IT Factory (UNIT), and six companies including prominent crypto platforms.

“The goal of the initiative is to prepare technical specialists for the crypto industry… There are people willing to learn in Ukraine and there are experts with unique knowledge, so it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved,” said BAU Vice President Vitalii Bulychev.

Although Ukraine has a relatively developed crypto sector, it has yet to adopt dedicated regulations to legalize the industry.

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