Ukrainian Authority Rolled Out Web Series Equipping Citizens With Blockchain & Crypto Knowledge

By Jenny Aurora | December 1, 2020

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation has reportedly disclosed details, regarding a web series dedicated to equip citizens with knowledge about crypto coins, blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC). 

Specifically, the show is reportedly a collaborative project with Binance Hacken and Crystal Blockchain, and is included in the Ukrainian authority’s “Diia.Digital Education” program.

The show will reportedly feature eight episodes – 6-12 minutes in length every episode – providing explanations of basic concepts when it comes to crypto and blockchain, with Andriy Onistrat – an ex-entrepreneur and banker – in charge of hosting the show and conduct interviews with guests associated with the blockchain sector. 

The first episode – viewable on Youtube – reportedly established the concept of crypto as a permissionless, unstoppable transaction ledger. Particular thoughts have been put into the concept of supply auditability, with Onistrat mentioned that the National Bank of Ukraine will always have the flexibility to choose to significantly amp up the hryvnia supply. 

Ivan Paskar, Binance marketing manager in Ukraine, also provided insights into the way Bitcoin maintains an immutable, auditable supply.

The pair further discussed matters with extra complexity, nominally Ethereum, smart contracts and decentralized exchanges.

Although the show reportedly identified as newbie-friendly, a few questions on an enhanced level have been peppered in by Onistrat for Paskar, nominally the ideals of decentralization and freedom, reconcilable with the identification requirements, appearing across different decentralized exchanges. 

Viewers will reportedly be awarded a certificate upon finishing every episode. The project is included in the Ukraine authority’s plan of achieving digital literacy throughout the nation.

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