UN Tasked Blockchain Network With Operating NFT Project to Combat Climate Change

By Chris Torres | August 4, 2021

The United Nations has reportedly tasked the blockchain platform Unique Network with operating an (NFT) project, in an attempt to offer inspiration fueling actions towards climate change.

Specifically, Unique has reportedly been chosen to become the lead technology associating firm for the initiative from the UN’s Human Settlement Programme and International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges. 

The project – which goes by the name Digital Art for Climate Action Empowerment, DigitalArt4Climate for short – reportedly handles the minting process of artists’ work to NFT, offering an incentive to creators to display artworks, motivating individuals to come up with different measures for the environment. 

“The United Nations has recognized NFT technology as a unique new medium for creative expression that can help amplify messages about climate action. The U.N. wants to bring this innovative art form to the next generation of creators who stand to benefit from a technology that can help them amplify and monetize their work.”

Unique – functioning as a parachain project in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem – will reportedly take care of establishing and operating an NFT marketplace dedicated to the program. 

Per the UN programs, developers took part in a virtual hackathon in July to develop the digital art gallery and marketplace showcasing the DigitalArt4Climate artwork. Contribution access will be available beginning August 12th. 

The United Nations reportedly disclosed its efforts regarding deep-diving into blockchain’s utilization for combating climate change, as well as to assist in achieving an international economy with enhanced sustainability.

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