Unconfiscatable Bitcoin Conference in Las Vegas

By Katelyn James | January 20, 2019

About the event

The Unconfiscatable Conference will bring high profile speakers from the world of Bitcoin to discuss the technology with emphasis on both scalability and privacy.

The Unconfiscatable Conference is a special poker-themed, “Bitcoin not Blockchain” event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this January. This event is devoted exclusively for learning, listening, teaching and sharing amongst Bitcoiners about the network, especially on both scalability and privacy, with an absence of any product pitching or ICO.

This will be a 3-day event with numerous workshops covering trading and technical analysis as well as investing & hyperwaves. The topics include:

  • Bitcoin’s value proposition
  • Role and impact of regulation
  • Why Bitcoin not Blockchain?
  • Bitcoin in the media
  • Fundamental vs Technical Trading

The above-mentioned activities will be joined by Carnivory dinners, parties and a special Celebrity poker tournament.


The Unconfiscatable Conference has invited experienced experts in the field of Bitcoin to come share their advices and stories, including:

  • Leah Wald – Executive Vice President of Lucid Investment
  • Tone Vays – former Vice President of JP Morgan Chase and host of the CryptoScam Podcast.
  • Jimmy Song – Instructor at Programming Blockchain
  • Trace Mayer – Manager at Premier Ark LLC

Date and Time:

24th January, 2019


The D Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Tickets and further information can be found at https://tonevays.com/conference/unconfiscatable

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