Unibright Blockchain Framework Utilized For Facilitating Renewable Energy Trading In Germany

By Robin Wong | March 11, 2020

Blockchain firm Unibright (UBT) has reportedly forged an alliance with Germany-based startup Wasserkraft Mittelrhein, to utilize Unibright Framework for a facilitating solution of decentralized renewable energy trading.

Specifically, the alliance enables Unibright to provide assistance to Wasserkraft Mittelrhein, regarding trading facilitation, management and data analysis of renewable energy, generated using Unibright Framework-based decentralized power plants.

Unibright reportedly suggested the deployment of a “smart grid” system, allowing different small-scale electricity generators to use blockchain as the primary tool for customer engagement. 

Unibright will offer its blockchain tech for the ongoing work of its partner’s ‘Project Stromboje’ – which looks to establish 16 power-buoys that possess the producing capacity of 6.4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, on an annual basis. 

The Unibright framework will offer its features to create and integrate  smart contracts. 

“Currently, the first pilot buoy has been installed in river Rhine, mainly to collect data on the river’s current and to provide information for external auditors in terms of environmental sustainability and stability of the construct. All innovative ideas, milestones, and roadmaps have to be adjusted according to the regulator and external funding, and the goal is to have 16 buoys installed, producing energy and using Unibright technology by the beginning of 2021.”

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