UNICEF Partnered Kyrgyzstan Government to Utilize Blockchain

By Chris Torres | March 7, 2019
UNICEF Partnered Kyrgyzstan Government to Utilize Blockchain

The Children’s N.G.O UNICEF is reportedly planning to partner with Kyrgyzstan government to utilize blockchain technologies in supplying Internet for all schools across the nation.

The collaboration is the next movement of Project Connect – an ongoing UNICEF initiative that looks to map the connectivity of every school in the world, including 1560 schools in the Kyrgyzstan region. UNICEF hopes to find different methods, especially applying blockchain technologies, into solving Internet connectivity-related problems there.

“We are at the early stages of exploring a blockchain-based solution for the Project Connect initiative in Kyrgyzstan where the government is working with UNICEF and the private sector to connect every school in the country to the Internet and provide access to information and opportunity to all young people,” deputy representative of UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan Munir Mammadzade claimed.

Although the Blockchain-related parts are still at a modular stage with “doing the mapping, getting the connectivity piece and figuring out the accounting”, it is set to be operational this year. Fabian stated the positive impact of a distributed ledger technology like Blockchain can bring improvement to “the monitoring of the quality of the Internet in schools and other vital facilities”.

Fabian also pointed out the 2 UNICEF-funded firms whose technology will contribute to the Project’s progress. The first is Utopixar – a Tunisian Blockchain startup that rewards personal impact tokens, which can be cashed out or traded for vouchers, to individuals or organizations battling against social and environmental challenges.

The second is the Bangladesh-based web application development and consulting firm W3Engineers who studies how to help businesses with digital information transaction. Their technology can help handle the pricing and cost matter of internet connectivity for Project Connect.

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