Uphold Partnership Helped Saved Ripple’s XRP TipBot from Extinction

By Anne W. | May 19, 2020

XRP TipBot – a Ripple-developed feature that enables XRP transfer among clients through Twitter comments – has reportedly steered clear from closure, with the presence of update regulations in Holland. 

Specifically, the XRP TipBot project has gone under heavy fire from the tightened grip of AMLD5 implementations, which almost drove it to the edge of extinction. However, a freshly announced collaboration between Uphold and Ripple has reportedly stopped that from happening. 

Particularly, the registration deadline with a significant surge in costs for remaining in compliant with the recently approved Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation were the main obstacles the project had to face. 

The alliance will reportedly help resolve the issue XRP Bot is dealing with, as Uphold is licensed to operate on American soil, making the regulatory concerns in Netherlands of Ripple obsolete. 

Within a week, the integration process of XRP TipBot with Uphold has been finalized and gone live. Customers will reportedly be required to connect an Uphold account, to initiate tips sending and receiving. 

The integration reportedly also offers advantages of of fiat on- and off-ramps, a linked crypto exchange, and the feature to connect numerous crypto account to one XRP TipBot balance.

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