UPS Introduced Blockchain-enabled Tool For US-Japan Beef Shipment Tracking

By Emily Rys | November 15, 2019

UPS – the major US-based logistics firm – has reportedly introduced a blockchain-enabled verification tool, for the US-Japan beef shipping route. 

Specifically, UPS has teamed up with agritech company HerdX, in an attempt to turn their packaging feature into a blockchain system, to create a traceability tool for UPS beef shipment route, from Kansas to Japan. 

As revealed by UPS, the project will be a blockchain partner network, with HerdX is the entrusted designer. UPS is in charge of providing the visibility feature, which will be incorporated with the blockchain tech, allowing for end-to-end live updates recording and details registration of those shipments. 

The US Embassy in Japan will lend its support to the project, as revealed special dinner event held in Tokyo. 

The shipment of steak reportedly departed from Kansas on November 4th, and safely delivered into a Tokyo-based steakhouse. U.S. Embassy and Japanese authorities, who were enjoying dinner at the place, would be able to scan QR codes to learn more of the details on the journey of the products. 

UPS’s blockchain project is another one added to the booming of projects involving blockchain tech in the meat verifying process. In November last tear, the South Korea officials revealed it will turn to blockchain for a beef tracing solution with clearly information on its supply chain.

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