US Air Force Partnered with SIMBA Chain to Build New Blockchain-based tool for Supply Chain Security

By Chris Torres | August 28, 2019

The US Air Force (USAF) has reportedly formed a partnership with the blockchain-based DApps firm SIMBA Chain, in an attempt to utilize blockchain tech to make the department’ supply chain more secured. 

As stated via a press release on August 26, SIMBA Chain revealed that its technology will be deployed both in the front battle line and within the US soil. 

The team at SIMBA Chain shared that long value chains is an asset that can pose serious security risks, which are particularly “critical in military applications”, where the enemies can make efforts to get their hands on or illegally change the data. 

The project specifically looks to implement blockchain into distributed manufacturing to achieve on-the-field coordination. At the moment, SIMBA Chain is in charge of coming up with a blockchain-based measure to generate a prototype to register and track additive manufacturing components, from end-to-end, in terms of lifecycle. 

The startup will be using the Azure cloud platform of Microsoft, since it can provide “trust and reliability, key factors when providing support on the battlefield.”

The firm aims to obtain a decentralized state for parts of manufacturing in the front line, while at the same time still keep data integrity intact. 

“So repairs to vehicles can’t be tampered with by a third party, as top-secret 3D printing plans could be transmitted to forward forces without unwanted surveillance.” SIMBA Chain added.

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