US Composer Offers Deepfake Of Her Voice Via NFTs to Create Sellable Original Artwork

By Robin Wong | August 16, 2021

Musician and composer from America Holly Herndon are reportedly cashing in on the concept of deep-fake tech, via tokenizing herself to enable fans to roll out sellable original artwork. 

Specifically, users who reportedly are looking to generate their version of deepfakes with the musician’s unique voice and the image will be having the possibility of placing their minted artworks up for sale, via utilizing non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Zora. 

Herndon reportedly remarked that fans will have the ability to complete the submission of their digital copies to obtain approval by the initiative’s DAO, and would be able to earn half of any auction profits.

The initiative reportedly disclosed its initiative of rolling out three “genesis” Holly+ NFTs, as well as submissions from the public, which is mintable with the help of a smart contract and placed for auctioning on Zora in September. 

Users will have the ability to pocket 50% of the overall profits, with 40% transferred to the DAO and the remainder to Herndon herself.

The reserve price for two of the genesis NFTs currently stands at 15 Ether (ETH) – approximately $48,150 at the time of publication.

“Creating work with the voices of others is something to embrace. Anyone can submit artwork using my likeness.” Herndon reportedly stated regarding the situation. 

“Vocal deepfakes are here to stay. A balance needs to be found between protecting artists and encouraging people to experiment with new and exciting technology. That is why we are running this experiment in communal voice ownership.” Herndon additionally shared, regarding the nature of the deepfake technology.

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