US Defense Dept. Pursued Blockchain-based Solution to Enhance Cybersecurity

By Emily Rys | August 1, 2019
US Defense Dept. Pursued Blockchain-based Solution to Enhance Cybersecurity

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) is reportedly considering a blockchain-based tool to enhance cybersecurity, as part of the plan to digitally modernize its systems.

Specifically, the DoD has publicly introduced its roadmap, which will last for 4 years, to incorporate blockchain tech into its infrastructure, dubbed “DoD Digital Modernization Strategy: DoD Information Resource Management Strategic Plan FY19–23.”

Per the report, DARPA – the DoD research-focused branch Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – is currently running 2 projects that explore the use of blockchain tech in enhancing cybersecurity.

The first project will primarily concentrate on building a new,or improved, communication and transaction system, which particularly aims to facilitate communications between units and HQs, as well as between agents and the Pentagon. 

The second project will be a DARPA attempt to utilize blockchain tech to generate an “unhackable code”, which will employ different features of the tech to collect intel on whoever individuals or organizations that wanted to hack the system.

DARPA has been heavily involved in blockchain technology. The division organized a 2-day blockchain workshop in February this year, along with studying permissionless consensus protocols, as well as blockchain use cases in data safekeeping.

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