US Electronics Giant Avnet Now Accepts Cryptocurrency For Payment

By Mary T. | March 21, 2019
US Electronics Giant Avnet Now Accepted Cryptocurrency For Payment

Fortune 500 electronics giant Avnet has collaborated with BitPay to allow customers to purchase electronics with cryptocurrency, according to a press release on March 19.

Avnet is providing its customers with a more convenient and flexible way of paying – via Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitpay will help the company to verify and process the transaction.

“By accepting bitcoin as a payment option, Avnet is continuing to break down the barriers customers face when getting their ideas to market by enabling easier access to its unique end-to-end ecosystem of design, product, marketing, and supply chain expertise at every stage of the product lifecycle. ” The press release stated that includes their work with Bitcoin.com for a new cryptocurrency wallet.

Avnet, Inc. has been one of the US largest electronics company, which has been on the Fortune 500 list for 24 years, with its 2018 income over $19 billion.

Earlier this year, a new survey by Kaspersky Labs shows that 13% of Internet users have used Bitcoin to make purchases online.

On Feb, BitPay and Wikimedia Foundation entered into a partnership to accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donations, reported by The Crypto Sight on Feb 10.

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