US Government Requested Extradition for Crypto Fraudster from Thailand

By Anne W. | June 20, 2019
US Government Requested Extradition for Crypto Fraudster from Thailand

The DoJ – the US Department of Justice – has reportedly unsealed a criminal lawsuit against Roger Nils – Jonas Karlsson and the company involved – Eastern Metal Securities.

According to a press release on June 19th, together with EMS, Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson – a Sweden-based crypto enthusiast – have received allegations for committing securities fraud, wire fraud and money laundering, by allegedly giving false payment instructions to customers for his merchandise, particularly by digital coins, nominally Bitcoin (BTC).

Per the complaint, the EMS web page was registered to a non-existing individual and advertise the stocks of “Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan” – a project which enables investors to buy shares for a price of $98 each. Karlsson has then promised a return profit, paid in the form of gold (1.15kg) – more than $45,000 at press time – for each particular share.

However, a thorough analysis from the IRS Criminal Investigation unit has reportedly revealed that, Karlsson did not present any sign of financial capability to fulfil his promises made for the payout. However, he has allegedly put the fund received from investors into real estate properties in Thailand.

Karlsson has been the administrator for EMS and HCI25 – where he carried out his fraudulent acts with the payout he falsely promised. With the scams have been running for nearly 13 years (since 2006), Karlsson has managed to secure nearly $11 million from at least 3,575 investors.

Per the press release, Karlsson was brought into custody on Thailand soil on June 18th, and the US government is making efforts to extradite the criminal back to Northern District of California.

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